Why Connect with Pink Jewel Daisy?

Let Crystals Help You Stay True to the Mood You Choose

We believe crystals can be our muse and help us stay true to the mood we choose and what we want to do. Jewel Daisy infuses positive intentions into every word and blesses every crystal with reiki love.

When you connect with Pink Jewel Daisy, whether it’s through wordy woo or our schmoozy jewels, you’re opening an energetic pathway for good vibrations.

Pink Jewel Daisy is more than a crystal shop, each package is given reiki love to cocoon the crystals in an energetic bubble of positive vibrations. Every jewel in the shop is chosen with care so when you receive it, you can trust the crystal was made by Mother Earth. 

There are oodles of tools made by humans that are also good vibrational matches for balancing our chakras. When items are not naturally made by Mother Earth, we will note it so expectations can be aligned with intentions.